Tuesday, 6 December 2011


na paar krne ko kasti hai,

           na kinare ka thikana hai.

bas gamo ka samundar hai,

          aur utar kar jana hai.

khushi to milti nahi,

  par khush hone ka bahana hai.

nafrato ki duniya hai,

        aur chah kar jana hai.

pyar koi karta nahi,

                     sabko samay bitana hai.

wafa koi kar nahi sakta,

                           bewafai ka jamana hai.

apna sab kahte hai,

                           fir parayo sa afsana hai.

rishte to bana lete hai,

                            par kinko nibhana hai.

nafrato ki reet hai,

                            shak ka aashiyana hai.

ghar to ban jate hai,

                           par kinko tik pana hai.

vada to kar lete hai,

                           par ek din tut jana hai.

dekar dil ka vasta,

                           aur dil tod jana hai.

ye zamane ki thokar hai,

                            jo sabko khana hai.

na marne ki chah hai,
     na jine ka bahana hai.
    na marne ki chah hai,                                                   
                                           na jine ka bahana hai...........

--------Rajesh Chandra


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

हम तो दिल से रोते हैं ......!

हमको खबर नहीं थी कि
दुआ देकर भी ख्यालात बुरे होते हैं ...
ऐ आंसुओं कि कसम खाने वाले 
हमारी आँखों में आंसू नहीं हम तो दिल से रोते हैं 
सिर्फ दिल से ........

                             ------Rajesh Chandra

Friday, 25 March 2011

आदत सी पड़ गई है.....

अपनी नज़रों को हमेशा तुमसे बचाता हूँ,
                                     ये आंखे तुम्हे देखने को तरस गई  है..
फिर  भी ये आंखे तुम्हे ढूँढ लेती है,
                   कम्बख्त ! तुम्हे देखने की आदत सी पड़ गई है......!
                                                     ----  राजेश चंद्रा 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ufff I again fell in love.....!

I was planning to watch movie with my friend Daya Shankar on19th march, 2011just day before Holi festival because we were getting bore. Then Daya read newspaper Dainik Bhaskar and got information that there were very blunder movies available to watch at PVR Cinema. Then suddenly Daya got that movie 2011 was available at 2:30 pm. Then I bathed quickly and after that took lunch.

It was 1:30 pm when we started to go for movie 2011. Then I remembered I had to meet my friend for project discussion.
We both completed the discussion of project and ran for movie because it was 2:30 pm which was the movie starting time. I and Daya were on daya’s bike “Twister”. I was driving the bike then Daya said “drive fast Rajesh otherwise we will not get the ticket”

I drove the bike fast as much as I could in that fuck heavy traffic of Indore. Then we went from the short cut way. Finally we reached at our destination “Treasure Island” the biggest shopping mall of Indore. Whether it was 2:45 pm after all we took tickets and went PVR cinemas to watch movie.

We got the sitting arrangement at last top row. Then I saw second last row when I was going to sit. I saw an angel who was getting disturbed to watch movie because I was in front of her. I was shocked to see her cute face. Then I sat just beside her behind sit. I was looking her face clearly by side.
I didn’t care about movie I only cared about her innocent face which was making intoxication in my eyes. There were some soldiers fighting on the movie. It was a war. But I was not interested to watch movie I only wanted to see her smiling face. What a lovely face she has. I can never forget her face.

Her eyes were so beautiful that I couldn’t concentrate on movie. After sometime Daya said “where are you looking, watch the movie” then I said “abe aage dekh teri bhabhi baithi hai”
“First of all complete the movie then marry her and make my Bhabhi, hahahaha.....” Daya replied.
I am a critic of movies; I use to give reviews on latest movies. But this time I don’t have information about movie 2011. Sorry to my entire fans I am unable to give any points for movie I only have explanation about her beauty.

Suddenly she talked to her friend “are yaar ye kaisi movie le aye ho tum log”
I was looking the way of her talking style. Then I found”the light pink lipstick was brightening on her lips.” And her smile was stopping my breaths.
Then Interval happened and I saw her very clearly when all the light was on. Her face was stunning me. She had long hair designed by Indian tradition look. And in this look she was looking pretty like a doll. She was fair and her skin colour was attracting me very badly. Now I can say God has made her very carefully after taking more time than others. 

Then again movie started and I really don’t know about the movie. Then after sometime movie was going to end and finally got ended. Then Daya said to go out the theatre and we came out.

We were standing outside PVR Cinemas. Then I saw her again. Then I just went some near her and sat there near a tattoo maker. I was looking only her side. She wore colour of black and white top and blue Jeans. It was looking very nice on her. After sometime she noticed that I was looking her side since very long time. 

She was smiling to talk with her friends and looking to me with her smiley face. I had understood that she was noticing me continuously. Daya said” abe chal be kya krega baith k, dekh liya na ab khush ho ja”
“no, I have to talk to her “ I replied.
“abe marwayega tu, chal yaha se” Daya said.
I didn’t ready to go anywhere from there. Then I and that girl both were looking each other and replied by smiles.
I decided to talk to her and said to Daya” I am going to talk to her”
He said” Don’t do like this yaar we may be in trouble”
I want to talk to her but didn’t dare to talk and was looking her side.
I didn’t know what happened with me. Why did I only want to see her?

So many questions were arriving on my mind at that time.
Then she was going with her friends. We also stood up and stared to go. She was looking that we were following her.
She stopped after some walk because she wanted to know,” what will we do after that?”

But we are quite smarter than her. We opposite side of her and take a round walk of that floor and came near in front of her. She was observing all the things going on.
After sometime she started to go again with her friends. We were also following her. I was getting excited to talk to her. She didn’t stop anywhere. She directly stopped at ground floor of mall and started to talk with friend.

I passed just near of her and took breath of fragrance of perfume she had. I was unable to move my eyes other side from her. I was looking her from away. Then she started to walk towards McDonald. We directly reached McDonald quickly. But what happened she didn’t come there and was standing in front of Mc D’s Ice-cream’s parlour.
And I could see her from where I was sitting. We ordered Mc Allo Tikki and fries and started to eat. Yet she was looking to my side.

After completing we started to go then I said to Daya”wait today I will talk to her surely”
We sat there quite away from her and I again looked her side. She was also looking.
Then her friends stared to go out. They were shaking hands and hugging each other.
I was being happy and thinking” now I can talk to her”
But one of her friend was with her. And after saying bye she sat just in front of us with her friend.
She was looking me with very interest. I came to know that she also wanted to talk to me.
But I was scaring to talk to her. I couldn’t talk to her. I didn’t dare to talk but internally I wanted.

Then she started to go out with her 1 friend and came at parking. She started her Activa and sat with her friend. She was driving and her friend was sitting on back sit of Activa. Yet she was looking at me.
But again I couldn’t open my mouth to say something to her.
She went and we followed her.

She stopped at signal and I also stopped bike just beside her. She was noticing that we were following her. She turned at her side which was not our way to reach home but we followed her to know where she lives.       

She again stopped to know what we were doing. But went ahead and were waiting for her by driving slowly. She came and went ahead to us. We were just behind them. She entered into a colony I never visited before. She was entering into many streets. Yet we were following her without thinking anything.

After sometime she omitted we tried to search in many streets but we failed to search her. Then I went back with my sad face with remembrance of her cute face.
I never forget her innocent face which also wanted to talk to me. But it was my fault I couldn’t try to talk to her. If I tried at least once then we would be together now.

I pray to God please again give me that chance to see her so that we be together.Oh God what you have done with me. You initiated again my love but did not fulfil that. Please do some magic and help me to meet her again.

ufff I again fell in love.....!

या खुदा आपने यह कैसी शख्सियत से मुझे मिला दिया,
                  खुदा के मूरत का एक अनमोल चेहरा दिखा दिया .......

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Shayar Bana Diya.....

Dil ki takrar aisi thi 
                               ki kch smajh na paye.
Dhadkan ki karah aisi thi 
                                        ki kch kah na paye.

Sath rahkar bhi unke hame
                                        sahara na mila.
Dhundhte hi rah gaye,
                                ki hame kinara na mila.

Itne the karib ki
                        hame laga ki apne hain,
Jab aas tuti to 
                     Pata chala ki ye to bas sapne hain.

Wo dekhte rah gaye ki, 
                                   unko nigaho me basa liya.
ab sans lena bhi mushkil hai,
                                          unko jo sanso me basa liya.

uski ek hansi ne mujhe,
                                 kaha se kaha pahuncha diya.
uske bichdne ke gam ne 
                                  mujhe ab shayar bana diya...........

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 has been launched by Microsoft. It is world's most heavily used browser. It has all the features of Mozila Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera. But it is not for Windows XP and Microsoft has said clearly that if you want to take advantages of new version of Internet Explorer then you have to use Windows Vista and 7 or upgrade the older one XP.
        Internet Explorer 9 is such fastest version of browser compare to its older version. We can get new features here. Its performance is very impact. Its look is also new one.Its size is 19.81 MB and absolutely free for download.
      for download click here

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Review of India v/s South Africa

India can never learn how to win the match after making mistakes from last some matches.They can never take advantage of Sachin Tendulkar. What a starting had been given by Sachin, Sehwag and Gambhir. But even Mr. captain could play good but what he did, only took single runs and gave strike to bowler and lost all wicket.
These all players except Sachin only win matches by luck not by hard work.If they tried to get single after 42 overs then also india was winning. If some bad fielding was not done then also India was wining the match.
And now all the supporters of Indian team are very upset by this match. If players will not improve this by next match then I am sure that India will be kicked out in quarter final by any team.
now we have to watch the match India v/s West Indies.

you can check the scorecard in this link:-

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


kehne ko to bahut the shabd magar majbur kar diya....
bahut pass the hum ab fir se dur kar diya ....

suna k wo dasta bata ke wo majburi muje choor kar diya...
na chahte huye bhi muje khud se dur kar diya....

de k pyar ka wasta mere pyar ko namanjur kar diya...
dil me pyar dabakar mujhe bahut dur kar diya...

dikha ke sapne mujhe hakikat me chaknachur kar diya...
ankho me ask chupakar ankho se dur kar diya...

sikha ke judai ka kalma chehre ko benoor kar diya...
judai ko bhi jashn batakar dur bahut dur kar diya....

                                                                          -----RAJESH CHANDRA